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Saddle Fitting

Fitting is free if you bring your horse to our yard.

If your horse is within a 25-mile radius of Bromsgrove, arrangements can be made for us to visit and bring along a selection of potentially suitable saddles for you to try. A £40.00 call-out fee is charged if we have to come to you.

These saddles would be based on your stated usage & cost requirements as well as the size/breed of your horse. Bridle and bit fitting can be carried out at the same time.

Saddle Fitting Basics

The saddle tree is measured from behind the shoulder blade since this is where the saddle sits. If you put the saddle too far forward you will find the saddle slipping back to this point. As I have observed with many a bitten lip at nearly all the shows at which I compete; the ritual getting off before they go in the ring, pull the saddle forward (or worse do it whilst mounted, grabbing hold of the saddle and jerking it forward) so it is then over the shoulder blade and restricts the horses jump. By fence 2 it is usually back in the same place unless aided by the elasticated breastplate, a complete form of torture.

Most English saddles trees are made of laminated wood, with a metal head plate riveted to it, then two flat springs going lengthways either side of the spine. Most continental saddles are made of plastic trees. The webbing is then stretched over the tree, the tightness of which denotes the depth of the saddle. It then has a foam or latex pad placed on top then the leather seat (which has been soaked) will be stretched over the top and stapled underneath. It’s then left for a few days to dry out and to allow it to go tight. The underneath panel, with the flocking already in, is then laced into the seat leather to create the finished saddle.

Saddle Fitting Problems/Issues

All saddle fitting is subjective so we all have our own theories of how a saddle should fit. My observations and opinions are made with the horse in mind before the rider. Sometimes the rider will have to change their way of riding and learn to sit in balance with their horse. Sometimes the tree is wider than you would like as you want a narrow twist in the tree however your horse will soon be crippled by back pain.

I work with several back specialists who recommend that I refit customers saddles. I prefer not to simply sell a new saddle but refit the existing one however, in some cases, those experts can be wrong and no amount of adjustment will do the horse any favours.

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